2019 Art For Everyday Calendars  

About the Artist

Kate Libby was a Mainer through and through - she perfected her craft at the Portland School of Art, did her painting around the coastal areas of Prout’s Neck and Boothbay, Maine and ventured out of the grand northeast corner of America "only under the greatest duress."

Kate’s paintings are classic examples of the maxim, "Create from what you know." The collection of images that make up her calendar’s folio and posters came from her Maine experiences with family, friends, and her animals.

Some of her original inspirations were Willard, her Brittany Spaniel, and her family including husband, Rob and her son, Thomas. Sometimes, though, it was a bit difficult to tell exactly which was her favorite.

Kate’s posters portray the life and landscape of Maine in vivid and captivating colors. And while her work is intensely local, there is a universal appeal - people easily connect the scenes to their own lives.

Kate Libby passed away in 2005 leaving a legacy of work, a vast collection of unpublished images, many most meaningful memories to last a lifetime, and the inspiration to perpetuate her calendar series for years and years as a benefit for her family.