2018 Art For Everyday Calendars  
Kate Libby's love of her family – in fact, children in general – and the beauty that is our State of Maine was matched only by her joy in portraying them on canvas. She thrilled in the creative process and immersed herself in the creation of art. Before passing in 2005, Kate earmarked her work to assist in providing a future for her passions. It is from this glorious bounty of images that we welcome each new calendar year.

Observing with great comfort Kate's family flourish, we pondered how best to support Kate's love of art and her connection to the State of Maine. To that end and in her honor, Art for Everyday has established The Kate Libby Endowment for the Arts.

The mission for The Kate Libby Endowment is to provide financial support for the arts in Maine with emphasis on the impact of art on Maine's children. In so doing we recognize that creative problem solving, self-reflection, relationship building with compassion and empathy, can all be enhanced through artistic expression and exposure.

Art for Everyday solely administers the Kate Libby Endowment for the Arts with Kate's family's participation. The Endowment will be particularly interested in funding organizations that are small, grassroots, and even neighborhood school-based and will primarily support programs encouraging hands-on experiences.

We invite you to participate in a small but meaningful way below. Though your contributions will not be tax deductible, you may trust that all funds donated will be distributed based on the criteria outlined above. Highlights of the projects chosen for funding will be featured in the The Kate Libby Calendar beginning in 2010 as well as at artforeverydayonline.com.

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